Executives & Staff:

Education and training: Berry College/ Rome, GA
Hometown: Rome, GA
First job: Burger King
Number of computers at home: 7
Hobbies: Camping, Boy Scouts, Family Time
Fuel: Sweet Tea!
Favorite thing about work: Learning how to overcome challenges
Apps I can't live without: eWallet
Tech tip: Anything can be undone...with a good backup.

Expertise: Client Relations & Customer Service
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
First job: CVS Pharmacy - Customer Associate
Education and training: Payroll Certified
Number of computers at home: 2
Hobbies: Reading, Fishing & Traveling
Fuel: Avocado & Tomato
Favorite thing about work: They accepted my individuality.
Apps I can't live without: Pandora
Tech tip: Clear your cache at all times, your phone is a computer.

Expertise: Multitasking & Making Schedules
Ponca City, Oklahoma
First job: Waitress at Tasty Freeze
Number of computers at home: 
Reading, Sketching, & Gardening
 Ice Cream
Favorite thing about work: 
The People and the Fact That I Love What I Do
Apps I can't live without: The Camera

Education and training: High school graduate
Seoul, Korea
First job: Part-time grocery store cashier in high school.
Number of computers at home: 
Art & Crafts, Cooking
Favorite thing about work: 
The people. The people are awesome!
Apps I can't live without: Google Play Store, YouTube, Weather App
Tech tip: When in doubt, re-boot

Expertise: Macs, Windows Servers, Switches, Firewalls
Hometown: Fremont, CA
First Job: Grounds Maintenance for Fremont Christian School
Education: BBA Finance & Investments
Hobbies: Off-Roading, Hunting, Wakeboarding, ATV Riding
Fuel: Sunflower Seeds
Favorite thing about work: The friendly environment and employees
Recharging Zone: Hydrous Wake Park in Allen
Apps I can't live without: Aside from IG and FB, probably Dropbox and RD Client
Tech Tip: Get out of the habit of using the same password for everything


Expertise: Linux, Mac, & Windows
Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma
First job: The Chocolate Chip Cookie Factory
Education and training: Dell Equalogic & Sonic Wall Technical
Number of computers at home: 12
Hobbies: Photography
Fuel: Anything Hostess & Oatmeal Cream Pies
Apps I can't live without: NMAP
Tech tip: Mac Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Command C: Copy
  • Command V: Paste
  • Command Z: Undo
  • Z4: Dropbox Screen

Hometown: Whitney, TX
First job: Pizza dude
Education and Training: Youtube State University
Number of computers at home: 1
Fuel: Chips and dip
Recharging zone: Alamo Drafthouse and Free Play
Apps I can't live without: Amazon and Google Rewards
Tech tip: Make sure your luggage combination isn't 12345

Education and training: B.A. in Organizational Communication with Minor in Communication Technology. CompTIA A+/Network+.
Certifications: – MCP, MCSA, MCSE, CompTIA, Security +
Hometown: Grand Prairie, Texas
First job: NIKE Basketball Camp Counselor/Coach
Number of computers at home: 6
Hobbies: Spending time with family, watching movies and playing/watching sports (Basketball, Football, Baseball, etc...)
Fuel: Sour Gummy Bears
Recharging Zone: Going to Cowboys, Mavericks, and Rangers games
Apps I can’t live without: NBA, ESPN, DirecTV, Hangouts & iHeartRadio.
Tech tip: When Google Chrome web pages run slowly, hit Shift+Esc to open Chrome’s Task Manager to troubleshoot.

Expertise: Hardware Replacement, Managing, Troubleshooting and Networking Hardware
Hometown: Paris, Texas
First Job: Taco Bell
Education: CCNA, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA A+, CompTIA Mobility+, CompTIA Security+, MTA Networking Fundamentals, MTA Server Fundamentals, MTA Operating Systems Fundamentals, MTA Windows 7, Ethical Hacker
Number of computers at home: 4
Hobbies: Music, Bowling, Dominos and Card Games
Fuel: Lays Chips
Recharging Zone: Main Event, I love to bowl.
Apps I can't live without: Google Maps
Tech Tip: Having a 16GB or better MicroSD card saves memory on your phone when you move your larger apps to the card.

Expertise: Software & Hardware Support
Hometown: Garland, Texas
First job: Verizon Wireless
Education and training: Associates of Science
Number of computers at home: 4
Hobbies: PC Gaming & Audiophile
Fuel: Cashews
Apps I can't live without: Spotify
Tech tip: Windows Keys + Arrow Keys help manage your windows

Education and training: Associate's of Arts Degree
Hometown: Garland, Texas
First job: AMC Theater Mesquite 30
Number of computers at home: 6
Hobbies: PC gaming
Fuel: Cape Cod's Salt and Vinegar Kettle chips
Recharging Zone: Flying Saucer Draught Emporium
Apps I can’t live without: twitch.tv
Tech tip: Unplug it, then plug it back in

Education and training: BS Business Administration, Organizational Communication
Hometown: Native Texan! Dallas born, Dallas raised.
First job: Blockbuster Video
Number of computers at home: 3
Hobbies: Painting, table top/board games, computer games, hunting, and fishing
Fuel: Homemade beef jerky
Recharging Zone: Live shows at small/mid-sized venues
Apps I can’t live without: Google drive
Tech tip: Have you tried turning it on and off again?

Hometown: Canada
First job: Starbucks
Number of computers at home: 8
Hobbies: Playing video games and playing drums
Fuel: Cheez-its
Recharging Zone: Alamo Drafthouse
Apps I can't live without: Reddit, Spotify, Shazam
Tech tip: If you don't know something, Google it. (not just a tech tip)

Expertise: 34 years of help desk and on-site services
Hometown: Big Spring, TX
First job: Landscaping
Number of computers at home: 4
Hobbies: Games, computers, movies, music, books, camping, and fishing.
Fuel: Chips and salsa
Recharging Zone: Any lake with fishing or camping
Apps I can't live without: Google Maps
Tech tip: reboot.

Education and training: I've worked in the industry since I was eighteen or so, in various capacities from support desk to data centers. I have also earned degrees in philosophy and psychology but that's less relevant.
Hometown: Dallas, TX
First job: I was a grocery bagger at the local supermarket
Number of computers at home: 10+
Hobbies: Classic movies, reading, video games, music
Fuel: Cheddar cheese flavored rice cakes
Recharging Zone: Go out, find a strange restaurant, take on something new.
Apps I can’t live without: 7zip, Babun, Safari Online
Tech tip: Alt+PrintScreen will take a screenshot of the currently active window. Very helpful for capturing that pesky error! Just open MS Paint and Ctrl-V and you've caught it like a pro.

Expertise: Social media management
Hometown: North Texas
First job: Cashier at Super One Foods
Number of computers at home: 5
Hobbies: Music
Fuel: Zapps Voodoo Chips
Recharging Zone: Live music in Deep Ellum
Apps I can’t live without: SeatGeek
Tech tip: Have you restarted the machine?

Hometown: Granbury, TX
First job: Braums Ice Cream
Education and Training: CompTIA A+ce Certified
Number of computers at home: 3
Hobbies: Computer building, Video Games, Friends
Fuel: Spaghetti and Life Cereal
Recharging zone: Spending time with my Family
Apps I can't live without: Bible App
Tech tip: Do not access personal information over public Wifi

Education & training: BA from UTD, Microsoft Office Specialist 2013, Security +
Hometown: Garland, TX
First Job: Swim Instructor
Number of computers at home: 8
Hobbies: Creative writing, crocheting, scrapbooking, video games, cats
Fuel: Chocolate chip cookies
Favorite thing about work: The variety of experiences available and having something new to learn every day.
Apps I can't live without: Moon+ Reader Pro
Tech Tip: Reboot and repent

Hometown: Dallas, TX
First job: McDonalds
Education and training: WGU
Number of computers at home: 4
Hobbies: Continuing education at the moment
Fuel: Sunflower seeds
Recharging zone: Hanging out with friends and family
Apps I can't live without: Email

Hometown: Orangeville, ON (Canada)
First job: Customer Service (Walmart)
Education and Training: B.A. in Counseling
Number of computers at home: 2
Hobbies: Woodworking
Fuel: Kit Kat bars
Recharging zone: Walking beautiful trails with my beautiful wife
Tech tip: Google has most of the answers

Expertise: WiFi & Networking
Hometown: Nigeria & Houston
First job: Movie Theatre
Education and training: North Lake Junior College; A+, CCNA Certifications
Number of computers at home: 11
Hobbies: Downloading games, Xbox & Playing Banana Grams
Fuel: Tortilla Chips & Spinach Dip or Chicken 'n Waffles
Favorite thing about work: Definitely the atmosphere, it's so cool!
Recharging zone: Mountain Biking
Tech tip: Disable auto-play on USBs.

Hometown: Tom, OK
First job: McDonald's
Education and Training: University of Oklahoma, A+, Net+, CCNA
Number of computers at home: 11
Hobbies: DJing, teaching & training martial arts (Wing Chun Kung Fu, Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Martial Arts, Kenpo), reading, drawing/painting
Fuel: Chocolate chip cookies & Cool Ranch Doritos
Recharging zone: Eating at Razoo's
Apps I can't live without: Chrome...
Tech tip: Rebooting fixes most software issues...

Education and training: Some college, Comptia Network +
Hometown: Salem, Oregon
First job: Petroleum Transfer Technician (Gas attendant)
Number of computers at home: 4
Hobbies: Motorcycle Riding, Cliff Jumping, Rock Climbing, Underwater basket weaving
Fuel: Monster Energy Drinks
Recharging Zone: Finding new and exciting things activities to engage in.
Apps I can’t live without: Google Maps
Tech tip: Windows Key X, www.google.com

Education and training: Some College, Microsoft, Juniper, Cisco.
Hometown: Dallas, TX
First job: Casual Male Big and Tall
Number of computers at home: 5
Hobbies: Teaching kids, cooking
Recharging Zone: Bars, Hanging with kids
Apps I can’t live without: Google Maps
Tech tip: Restart

Hometown: Baltimore, MD
First job: Arby's
Education and Training: Taking courses towards a degree in computer forensics at Champlain College Online
Number of computers at home: 0
Hobbies: Cooking, cars, motorcycles, music
Fuel: Pizza. It's nature's most perfect food.
Recharging zone: Sitting in the dark on the front porch
Apps I can't live without: Facebook Messenger, Tumblr, Simple Bank Mobile
Tech tip: Biometrics can be less secure than a good, strong password. Fingerprint, voice, and face recognition is easy to fool. Plus, you can never be forced to give up a password in a court of law.

NOC Services:

Expertise: Concentration, Dogged Determination & Knife Sharpening
Hometown: Texas
First job: Movie Theatre
Education and training: Central Texas- Business Administration; Linux & Dell Certified
Number of computers at home: 11
Hobbies: Building Things
Fuel: Cheetos & Ritz Crackers
Recharging zone: Water Skiing at the Lake
Apps I can't live without: Spotify
Tech tip: Read your error messages. They typically tell you what's going on and how to fix the problem.

Expertise: Software/Hardware Support (including but not limited to Windows/Linux and all associated)
Hometown: El Paso, TX
First job: McDonalds
Number of computers at home: 7
Hobbies: Comic Books, Movies, Tinkering With Computers & Music
Fuel: Cheddar & Sour Cream Chips
Recharging zone: Pete's Dueling Piano Bar
Apps I can't live without: iReddit & Facebook
Tech tip: Always have a Malware cleaner installed on your PC.

Expertise: Networking, Desktop Support, & Windows Server
Hometown: Bismark, North Dakota
First job: CiCi's Pizza
Education and training: Collin County Community College; A+ & Network+ Certified
Number of computers at home: 3
Hobbies: Hanging out at home
Fuel: Cherry cokes
Recharging zone: Top Golf
Apps I can't live without: Any internet browser
Tech tip: Keep it simple, it will work better

Hometown: Queens, NY
First job: U.S. Navy
Education and Training: Active pursuit: AAS Computer Networking/Information Systems w/Cybersecurity concentration
Number of computers at home: 4
Hobbies: Esoteric studies
Fuel: Oatmeal, old fashion
Recharging zone: Local parks, outside recreation
Apps I can’t live without: I am able to easily disconnect from technology; thus, there are no apps that I absolutely must have…
Tech tip: Reboot the machine…

Education & training: BA – Chinese Language and Linguistics
Hometown: Dallas, TX
First job: Intern at University of North Texas Computational Chemistry Lab
Number of computers at home: 5
Hobbies: Music, Exercise, Computers
Apps I can’t live without: EN <> ZH Dictionary
Tech tip: How to make a Windows PC better: Step 1: Install Linux

Project Team:

Expertise: Windows Server and AD Support
Hometown: Elgin, IL
First job: Taco Bell
Education and training: Went to college a few years after my 7 years in service in the US Army and 3 years in the National Guard.
Number of computers at home: 4
Hobbies: I love riding my recumbent trike 20 miles every other day, I ride it indoors in the winter as well.
Fuel: My fuel are my grandchildren
Favorite thing about work: I like the people I work with.
Apps I can't live without: Facebook and a Bible App
Tech tip: 
Always keep a backup of your data somewhere. Especially your photos.

Expertise: E-mail and Virtualization
Hometown: Schaumburg, IL
First job: Bat Boy for the Schaumburg Flyers
Education and training: University of the Internet
Number of computers at home: 3
Hobbies: Camping, Hiking, Video Games, Small home improvement projects
Fuel: Dunkin’ Donuts
Favorite thing about work: Learning and using new technologies
Apps I can't live without: Pushbullet
Tech tip: 
Its always DNS.

Expertise: Desktop, server & network support
Hometown: Chicago, USA & Szczecin, POLAND
First job: Translator, proofreader, project leader, technical documentation, technical support
Education and training: MS in Computer Systems, A+ certified
Number of computers at home: 6
Hobbies: Computers, movies, music, traveling, healthy living
Fuel: Oat meal & black coffee
Favorite thing about work: Every day is different, no boring days
Tech tip: Remember passwords and logins

Expertise: Working out problems
Hometown: Willits, CA
First job: Dish Washer
Number of computers at home: 5
Hobbies: Taking computer apart
Fuel: Chai Tea
Favorite thing about work: Its not work to me its like having fun
Apps I can't live without: Pandora
Tech tip: 
Don’t touch what you don’t know, ask the people that do