Legal Field IT Specialists is the only IT firm in GA with more than 35 yrs of experience specializing in providing support to law firms. With our team supporting over 300 businesses in GA and the surrounding states we have become the true leader for providing support to firms like yours.


As the Firm Administrator or Managing Partner we know you have specific needs and concerns…

We stay out of your way so you can do your job

We know you already have a lot to do for your firm. The last thing you need is someone else to manage. When changes or support needs to be provided we make every effort to do it remotely without interfering with your other responsibilities. When we need to come onsite we can schedule this with you or your staff.

Having quick access to the firm’s data

Access to information, whether in the office or remote (in court, at home, etc.) is critical. Legal Field IT Specialists ensures that attorneys and other key personnel have access to information at their finger-tips where & when they need it.

Managing office staff schedules

We work with office staff to ensure that all needed schedules/calendars are shared among staff members as needed & that key personnel have access to this from mobile phones and/or tablets as needed.

Understanding and keeping track of attorneys and their unique work styles

We know that all attorneys don't operate in the same fashion. Some are very organized & communicate well. Others appear to be 'all over the place'. We know this can be a challenge to a Firm Administrator and we work well in these situations to provide the level of support needed for each personality type.

Ensuring that paralegals have access to pertinent case documents, notes, & research findings

Ease of access to information is paramount for law firms. Legal Field IT Specialists works with you and your staff to ensure that you have access to the data you need…when you need it.

Prevent lost opportunities due to computer error, performance, failure & difficulty of accessing information

Today’s high-tech offices and automated systems require consistent upkeep and monitoring. All systems are automatically checked multiple times per day (remotely) to ensure their performance levels are up to par.

We maintain close relationships with the practice management software companies and development staff in order to know how to squeeze more performance out of them.

Ensure reliable communication among staff & clients (email, phone, etc.)

Whether via email, phone, texting, or otherwise Legal Field IT Specialists supports your entire office environment to make sure that you are never out of touch with your attorneys, staff, clients, and key vendors.